SMOKE is a Natural Charcoal Eyeliner and Eyeshadow from the Willow Tree It couldn’t be any simpler or more pure, this eyeliner and shadow is composed of willow tree charcoal with just a smidgeon of kaolin clay, nothing more, NO LEAD, no dyes, no chemicals, no toxins, vegan. Charcoal has been used for centuries as an eye adornment and enhancement before the chemical varieties currently on the market. Easy & fun to use, EXPERIMENT: simply dip your eye shadow brush or sponge applicator in and spread over your lids for a beautiful smokey grey color. It can also be used in layers to tone down or enhance existing eye shadows you already have. For eyeliner, dampen SLIGHTLY your thin tipped brush with some water and then in the willow charcoal and paint your liner on your eyelid as usual. IMPORTANT NOTE: I have received numerous e-mails asking if this product can be used on the waterline and in each case I respond that I do not recommend it for use on the waterline. NOT FOR USE ON/IN THE LOWER LID WATERLINE. Comes in an eco friendly reusable 1/4 ounce clear glass container with a white screw top lid. ***USE CARE AND HOLD UPRIGHT WHEN OPENING JAR, THIS IS A VERY FINE POWDER, WITH NO SIFTER*** Read a customers blog on this product:

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