Don’t you just love soaking your feet at the salon before a pedicure? Artnaturals’ tea tree foot soak salts let you treat your feet at home with a relaxing and healing combination of botanical oils and natural salts. Achy, tired feet? Soak ‘me. Nail fungus or athlete’s foot? Banish them as the soak cleans away dead, flaky skin. You’ll love the lovely herbal aromatherapy, too the perfect addition to any foot bath or spa routine, our mineral-infused tea tree oil foot soak is an ideal balance of all-natural tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, chamomile, and rosemary oils. These powerful but gentle oils combine with dead sea and Epsom salts to give your feet the ultimate relief from everyday aches and pains. Relieve muscle pain, sore joints and aching arches as your feet take a break in the warm, soothing soak. Art naturals’ tea tree oil foot soak is also a champ at eliminating nail fungus and bacteria. Germs, bacteria, and fungus that normal soaps and scrubs don’t remove are gone. Refreshing and exfoliating salts and oils replenish healthy skin cells so your feet emerge clean and smooth. The soak is a gentle, natural treatment for athlete’s foot and other common foot rashes and persistent itches. The tea tree oil foot soak is a thoughtful gift for men and women with an on-the-go lifestyle, or for anyone who spends time on their feet.

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