Is Kylie Jenner ready to take her cosmetics brand to the streets? It appears so as TMZ reports that the 20-year-old filed a trademark to take Kylie Cosmetics mobile.

TMZ has stated that Jenner filed a trademark for both a Kylie Truck and a Kylie Jenner Truck, and she is reportedly planning on creating a mobile cosmetics shop.

The site reports that it appears Jenner may have future plans to have her popular lip kits available for purchase from a truck as she also currently has products in select Topshop locations for the holidays.

Of course, Kylie saw great success with her New York City- and Los Angeles-based pop-up stores in the past, with fans lining up hours before the stores were set to open.

Fans may not be surprised to learn that Jenner is now considering more options to sell her cosmetics as sites such as PopSugar report on the rumors.

PopSugar writes that the trucks will make buying Kylie Cosmetics products as easy as waving down the ice cream man as shoppers would then be able to skip paying for shipping.

However, it’s not yet clear on when or where the mobile Kylie Cosmetics stores would roll out.

Red Velvet Holiday Lip Kit is officially available on ????

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InStyle quoted an August interview in which Jenner stated she hopes to eventually see her products in stores.

While Kylie said she wasn’t sure how her brand would initially hit the shelves, it seems as if she’s taking steps to make her cosmetics line more available.

“I think it’s time people walk into a store and see Kylie Cosmetics. I do want that but we haven’t figured out exactly how we’re going to do that and what approach we’re going to take.”

Her products continue to sell out online, and Jenner’s fans would love to see her products in their local shops as well.

Commenters flocked to share their opinion on TMZ‘s article as some readers stated Kylie has a smart marketing team.

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Other people joked that fans will be disappointed if the Kylie Jenner Trucks don’t also sell ice cream.

“Dude, it’s gonna disappoint people if the truck doesn’t also serve ice cream.”

Some readers wrote that they don’t believe Jenner thought of the idea herself, giving credit to her team instead.

Others chimed in, saying it was too early to predict profit and loss for the company as it started last year. However, it’s been reported that Kylie Cosmetics is well on its way to becoming worth $420 million.

Readers attributed this success to Jenner’s highly marketable name. Of course, fans also do enjoy the Kylie Cosmetics products as her lip kits receive attention from YouTube personalities and celebrities alike.

If the Kylie Truck rumors are indeed true, fans and shoppers alike need not worry about being informed as the news will most likely once again make headlines.

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