Specifically, they think the lipstick bullets with the embossed text look suspiciously similar.

kylie jenner nars lipstck

And they’re not entirely off-base in that comparison.

photo: Kylie Cosmetics and NARS Cosmetics

    It’s clear that these lipstick bullets are almost identical in shape and logo placement.

    kylie cosmetics nars lipstick

    photo: Kylie Cosmetics and NARS Cosmetics

      That being said, the rest of these lipsticks have very little in common.

      kylie cosmetics nars

      photo: Kylie Cosmetics and NARS Cosmetics

        And, as any well-versed beauty lover will tell you, countless brands have embossed lipstick bullets like these.

        kylie cosmetics nars

        Yet, commenters are still confusing Kylie’s new lipsticks for NARS’.

        kylie cosmetics nars

        And that’s NEVER good for branding.

        Is this legal grounds for a lawsuit? Or maybe just a reach?

        Thankfully for Kylie, it’s most likely the latter. But you can never be too sure in the beauty world.

        kylie cosmetics

        In case it flew over your head today, Kylie Jenner just announced that she’s made her first-ever collection of cream formula lipsticks. And, as always, the internet has some ~thoughts~ about them.



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