I love Cosmetics is a cute kitsch brand which has some amazing scented products that every bathroom just needs. I was kindly sent a huge box of products to try and I have been working my way through the box and there are some amazing scents that I came across. 

I Love describe themselves as being a bath, body and beauty brand that lovingly creates the most gorgeous, deliciously scented products in the World. Designed to cleanse, nourish, refresh and pamper your skin, all our products are bursting full of fragrance and skin loving ingredients.

The Lemon Sorbet Bath and Shower Creme is one of those scents which just takes you back to your childhood, the sweet scent of sherbet lemons in a paper bag (yes I am old). Described as being a product which cleanses and conditions your skin, it is filled with energising natural fruit extracts and caring Pro-vitamin B5, which together work to leave your skin feeling silky soft and deliciously scented. 
I love that you can use this to relax in the bath with or use in the shower, either way, you can create copious amounts of bubbles! If Lemon Sorbet isn’t your cup of tea, then this Cherry Bath and Shower Creme could very well be an alternative.  It smells just as you might expect and as well as being enriched withenergising natural fruit extracts and caring Pro-vitamin B5, it leaves your skin lightly scented.

I go through tubes of hand cream and always ensure I have a tube at home, in my handbag and on my desk at work.  The Raspberry and Blackberry Hand Lotion not only smells absolutely incredible but it is enriched with coconut oil and shea butter which leaves your skin feeling moisturised, nourished and incredibly smooth.
Not in the slightest bit tacky or greasy on the skin and it absorbs much quicker than I was expecting to find.
I admit I am a tad lazy when it comes to body moisturisers, but give me something that smells as incredible as this Raspberry and Blackberry Body Butter, I will happily use it.  Enriched with nourishing Shea Butter and anti-oxidant rich Coconut Oil, together they work to leave your skin feeling soft and beautifully hydrated. 
On the skin, it melts almost instantly, isn’t sticky or tacky to the touch and the scent is just incredible too.

Body Spritzers seem to be making a bit of a comeback, every brand seems to have one and unsurprisingly, I Love Cosmetics have them too.
I have both the Mango & Papaya as well as Pink Marshmellow versions, though there are more options to choose from. Mango and Papaya smells as the name suggests and when spritzed it isn’t sticky or tacky when it hits the skin and it does offer quite the fruity burst. Admittedly the Pink Marshmallow scent isn’t my favourite, it is a little too sweet for my tastes but again, when spritzed it is neither sticky or tacky.  Both bottles are perfect handbag sizes and great for travelling with.

Soap isn’t the sexiest of products is it? But just sometimes there is a product which makes a stand and makes you notice it. Called Chocolate Fudge Cake Smash Bar Soap did catch my attention, it smells like something I want to eat rather than something I want to wash with.

The description, which is equally fun, goes like this “Break off from the world and lather up with a little piece of happiness! I love…’s new Smashable Soap Bar is a soap with a delectable difference. Each fruity bar is ready to crack into 4 delicious soaps. Made from natural, kind to skin ingredients, the Smash Bar is cleansing with a gorgeous burst of goodness”. What you get is a lathery soap, which when in contact with water has an intensified scent and it actually leaves you skin feeling soft and moisturised, not something I usually find with soap.

Show me a bath bomb and I am usually content. From I Love… comes a Raspberry Ripple Bath Fizzer and it, as its name suggests smells just like a Raspberry Ripple.

It comes already split into two so you can enjoy two fruity baths from this one product. What I love about it is not only the scent but the copious amount of bubbles it creates. A fun product which leaves your skin smooth to the touch.

Last and by no means least is another product for the bath lovers out there or even the shower lovers. 

In this collection, there are no less than 6 different choices and right now, my absolute favourite is the Lemon & Lime because of how sharp and tangy the scent is.  Quite a few of these are available in full size options too.

Most of these products range in price from £1 up to £6 so they are purse friendly and won’t break the bank. 

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